Cybook Ocean 8″ eReader Clears the FCC

cybook ocean fccBookeen's much delayed 8" ebook reader showed up on the FCC website this morning, bringing it one step closer to being officially available in the US.The FCC paperwork doesn't really add anything to what we already knew about the  Cybook Ocean, but it does give us a look inside this ereader. It also tells me that the microSD card slot is accessible under a panel on the rear of the Ocean.

The Cybook Ocean sports an 8" epaper screen with both a touchscreen and a frontlight. It runs Bookeen's proprietary OS on an 800MHz CPU with 256MB RAM, Wifi, 4GB internal storage, and a microSD card slot. Screen resolution is a decent but not impressive 1024 x 768.

At last report, Bookeen expected to ship this ebook reader in May or June of this year, with a retail of 179 euros. That's a fairly steep price, IMO, and I think that a similarly priced tablet will offer a better value. But if you are as taken as I am by the 8" screen, the Ocean does offer a better value than the other widely available 8" ebook reader,the Pyrus Maxi. That device retails for 149 euros, but lacks a touchscreen, Wifi, or frontlight.

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5 Comments on Cybook Ocean 8″ eReader Clears the FCC

  1. I like the idea of an 8″ reader. But I’m afraid that with a screen resolution of 1024×768 this device might be dead on arrival…

    • Agreed, especially when you can get a 6.8″ Aura HD (with its high resolution screen) for less.

      • But the Aura HD has poor PDF support (no annotations, no highlights etc.) and you get less screen estate (a 7? reader isn’t suitable at all for PDFs but an 8? one is just hitting minimum size). The key for the Ocean is what PDF support it will offer, otherwise it makes no point to get an 8? ereader, with the Aura HD being the exact size that I think e-readers should be for epubs and with better resolution and contrast.

        Are you sure it is 256MB RAM? On the website it states RAM as 128MB, while the Good E-Reader website state it is 512 MB of RAM. 128MB, if true, will not have enough power for PDFs and 256MB is just about adequate. Anyway, the 8? size makes this an interesting proposition and am looking forward to the reviews.

  2. The interesting question is, how much the i86 will cost.

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