Oyster Now Offers Six Months Free Subscription

oyster logoStill on the fence on the idea of a subscription ebook service? Oyster has 6 reasons why you might want to sign up with them.A reader has tipped me to an unannounced special offer from Oyster. If you know where to look on their website, new subscribers can now get a free 6 months trial which will automatically roll over into Oyster's $10 a month service.

The offer probably won't be good for more than a few hours after Oyster reads this post, but those who sign up will have access to a catalog of 500,000 plus titles, including ebooks from Simon & Schuster and HarperCollins. The ebooks can be read in your web browser, or in Oyster's apps for Android and iDevices.

Update: And now the offer requires a user specific promo code. That was not there when I saw this yesterday. I guess this means that the offer is going to be made a select few.

And so it seems this market is heating up. Oyster is not the first to offer a trial subscription (Scribd has repeatedly offered a 3 month free trial) but the Oyster offer is considerably more generous than the Scribd deal, or the Kindle Unlimited free trial - that's only good for 30 days.

What do you think of the deal? Is this enough to get you to sign up?


Thanks, James!

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17 Comments on Oyster Now Offers Six Months Free Subscription

  1. This looks like a great offer but the link requires a promotion code. Any idea what that is?

  2. Nate, I followed the link above past a welcome screen to the form that asks for the usual info including credit card but also requires a promotion code. I tried leaving it blank but no luck, it wouldn’t go through. Guess they want me to stay with Scribd. 🙂

  3. Generous trial subscriptions hint at low tryout rates, no?

    How would an ordinary person on the street even find out about most of these services, anyway?
    KU gets plenty of play at Amazon but what about the others?
    Are they advertising in magazines or anywhere else?

    The only places I hear of them are on enthusiast sites like this…?

  4. Sorry for my poor english 🙂

    It is awful oyster does not allow searching for titles or authors in its database. How can they expect we try their service? typing our of credit card code ?
    It is not a sensible marketing policy . is it?

  5. Does anyone have promocode fro Oyster?

  6. I am subscribed to Scribd. I checked out Oyster and foun that searches come up with too many titles that are for sale. Sticking with Scribed.

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