How to Suggest New Kindle Features to Amazon

14279306964_4b5c3d9b32_hFew people know this, but there’s a simple way for anyone to suggest new Kindle features. If you would like a Kindle with a 6.8" screen, built-in speakers and audio ability, or an all-bold option for text, you can tell Amazon what you think.

The retailer has a dedicated email address ([email protected]) for all things related to the Kindle hardware and platform, and you can use this feedback channel to ask Amazon for that special hardware or software feature you've been pining for.

To name one example, I would like to see the Kindle gain formatting options which equal those on Kobo ereaders.

I don't buy many ebooks from Kobo, but their ereaders have always earned special consideration for the formatting option. Users can install theit own fonts and dictionaries, and set the margin, line spacing, and justification to suit their preferences. Kindle may get all the buzz in the blogosphere, but Kobo makes the best ereader for the discerning ebook lover, and that is something Amazon may want to emulate.

What are some new Kindle features that you’d like to see in the future?

I know that a solid minority of Kindle owners have been demanding a water-proof model ever since the Aura H2O came out a couple years ago. Sure, there's an after-market mod, but that's not the same thing as an official Kindle model with a warranty.

And of course PDF users have been clamoring for more storage space ever since the second Kindle shipped without a card slot, although more PDFs really aren't all that useful without the larger screen I've been pleading for.

So what would you like to see?

And just as importantly, do you know if Amazon is still paying attention to that email address? (I do hope so, but I have no proof.)

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14 Comments on How to Suggest New Kindle Features to Amazon

  1. I would like to see a new Basic Kindle like the new Kobo Touch 2.0.
    The old one is to big and ugly.

  2. They send what looks like a form letter email reply. I have included Jeff Bezos in my email requests. If you want something you have to ask in the most direct ways that you can…Too often people complain in forums and don’t make direct requests. Hopefully this posting will get a few people to take action.

  3. There’s a petition to add a bold font to the Kindle, and Amazon are ignoring it, even though it would cost them next to nothing to implement. Why would they listen to anything else that consumers say?

  4. I guess they could add bold fonts and charge for premium rate, like with buttons. The Kindle range has become very disappointing. No innovation and Amazon sits on the market like a big, fat elephant, and enough consumers suck it up for Amazon to keep doing it.

  5. I would like faster print-based web page access, in order to access the Internet news sites for browsing.

    Would also like a larger screen.

  6. Two (2) features: left justification and vertical scrolling. With these, I’d find the apps (and also the ereaders) usable.

  7. I’m trying to learn another language and it would be great if I could use the Kindle to listen to a book whilest reading it. Yes, the Fire works, but the Kindle is so easy to use and read. If it only had MP3 playing added. (Didn’t the original have this feature?)

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