First look at Pocketbook’s 9.7″ e-readers (video)

The videos are in Ukrainian (or so I've been told), so I'm not sure what they're saying. But I can tell you that there are at least 2 ereaders in the video; one is the PB 901 (it has the colorful buttons up the side of the screen) and the other might be the PB902 or PB903 (they look the same).

These are not hands on videos; they're from a news broadcast.

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  1. No much technical details, basically they report about a press conference to present “world’s first electronic textbook”. Interestingly, the company name “Pocketbook” was not mentioned on TV, just “manufacturer of the device”.
    1. There is a pilot project going on in Kiev school(s?).
    2. 2GB of built in memory allow to put on it “the complete school program”
    3. current price is 2500UAH, they “hope to bring it down to 1000UAH” by next year. Books are 10-15UAH (paper ones are 50-60 UAH).
    4. the boy in the second video mentioned some kind of photo function
    5. has “internet connection”

    More details available at in Russian.

    Some text reports about the event (in Russian):

    Mentioned by many is that the device is officially approved for school use by Ministry of Health and Ministry of Education.

  2. Official PR:

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