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Strand Bookstore Launches Its First eReader, the Strindle

New York City’s most famous bookstore is getting into the ereader market.

The Strand has announced that their first ereader will be called the Strindle. Boasting that the Strindle will "never runs out of battery – it’s powered by the white-hot rage of book lovers all over the world", the Strand says their ereader will:

  • Search our 18 miles of e-books for a title
  • Add that book to your library
  • Or a book pretty similar to that book
  • Or a book a Strand employee says is way better than that book
  • Plus six or seven other books you didn’t know you wanted but now have

The Strindle has unique hardware features not found on any other ereader, including a rear screen that automatically displays the title of a very impressive and grown-up book – whether you’re actually reading it or not.

You can find more info on the Strand’s website.

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Carmen Webster Buxton April 1, 2018 um 8:13 pm

I like a bookstore with a sense of humor!

Reader April 2, 2018 um 12:01 pm

The Strand is about the only NYC used bookstore left standing. That part of Manhattan used to be packed with used bookstores.

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