Interactive Fiction comes to the Kindle – Dusk World

Do you recall when I told you about KindleQuest, a website that runs adventure games like Zork for your Kindle? Amazon just released an app that removes the need for an internet connection.

It’s called Dusk World, and after playing with it for a few minutes I’d say it’s closer to the old Choose-your-own-Adventure books than it is to Zork. The price is $5.99, and it only works on a Kindle (not the apps).

Here’s what Amazon had to say:

Dusk World is an interactive story for Kindle devices that combines interactivity with a graphic novel. The story takes place in Dusk City and combines crime, mystery, superhero and classic noir elements to create a vivid landscape full of colorful characters for you to interact with. The choices you make as Agent Patriot will lead you down different paths that determine the fate of both Dusk City and the world, not to mention Agent Patriot himself.

Here’s a demo video (which may or may not work):

Click to watch this video

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Dusk World

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  1. Debbie Price-Ewen15 December, 2010

    Hi guys! I’ve finally gotten on here to leave a comment. Work and play have been keeping me too busy lately, so now that I have time away from both (well, actually, this just an extension to play time) I thought I’d drop a line and say hi. Tony – apologies for writing your name Toni (sp!) on your ebookanoid blog (arrrgh). I’m absolutely loving what you do here and I’ve finally subscribed too. Anyway, hopefully I’ll have some more time leave odd comment now and again 🙂
    Kia kaha!

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