Is the NookColor power supply faulty?

Is the NookColor power supply faulty? e-Reading Hardware A friend tipped me to a complaint thread over on the B&N community boards. It seems like a number of people are reporting that their NC draw too  much power and seem to be melting the charger.

I plugged in my NC to charge and went to dinner.  When I got back the USB port and the charging cable (official nook color charging cable) were melted. The cable was sort of stuck in but I managed to pull it out.  There was a slight burn mark on the right side of the charging port near the top.  It got hot enough over the two hours that it melted the device.


I got home last night, went to charge my nook, and the power adaptor was completely melted.  I'm going to exchange it tomorrow morning, but I'm more than a little worried.  I'm so glad my nook wasn't plugged in when this happened.


I just went to plug my Nook Color in and found the plastic connector end that inserts into the Nook totally melted. I don't know if this occurred during the last charging or while the cable was left plugged into the wall.


I have issues with my power cords as well.  We have 3 nook colors.  One power cord works fine, one makes odd noises when it is charging and gets hot,  one you have to fiddle with it to start to get it to charge, two of them show a green charged light when the nook is not even close to fully charged.  There are some quality issues with these adapters!

I've also read a couple comments that the wireless might have been on while charging. This would certainly increase the draw, but would it be enough to melt the charger?

I have to confess that I've never seen this on any gadget so I don't know the cause. Any ideas? I really would like to read what a hardware geek thinks of this issue.

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  1. I received my nook for christmas. My adapter for my nook has been plugged in since I have gotten it. I charge my nook every night. now it doesnt light up it doesn’t do anything. I have checked the wall plug. I have checked everything and it is only my nook adapter that is not working. Why? anyone?

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