Nook Tablet, Kindle Fire to Get Docking Stations This Spring

Nook Tablet, Kindle Fire to Get Docking Stations This Spring e-Reading Hardware I'm a few hours behind the news today, but luckily I still have info that no one else posted.

The folks at ReaderDock have caught everyone's attention today with their new product. Some time in February they plan to ship the N-Station, a docking stand for the Nook Color and Nook Tablet. This dock comes with a pair of speakers and a mini USB plug so you can charge the Nook.

As you can see from the images, the dock will be able to hold the NT both in landscape and portrait mode. The N-Station is expected to ship in late February.

Nook Tablet, Kindle Fire to Get Docking Stations This Spring e-Reading Hardware But I did find one bit of info that hasn't been posted elsewhere. ReaderDock is also working on a similar dock for the Kindle Fire. It's planned to come out shortly after the N-Station and it should work pretty much the same way.

You know, I'm not sold on the idea of a docking station for the KF or NT. I'm not the type of person to put a tablet down and let it continue to run. But I suspect I'm in the minority here. In fact, all you need to do is look at the multitude of iPod docks to know that there's a market for media docks.

I've been promised a review unit, and by the time it arrives I should have a NookColor to use it with. I'll let you know what I think.

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10 Comments on Nook Tablet, Kindle Fire to Get Docking Stations This Spring

  1. Nice, I’d love to have a one or two for rooted nook colors.

    As for the utility of docking stations, I like then for using tablets as alarm clocks or radios. Having your reader at your bedside and always charged is divine.

    My other use for a docking station is odd but works well. I rigged a custom dock to my G-Tablet on my exercise bike. With a pair of arduino circuits the pages on my book and manga readers move forward and back with buttons on the handle. But ONLY if you are pedaling!

  2. I’ve already got one of those. it’s called a desktop computer. I’m sure their marketing will convince I need this for my portable device. If they’re worth their salt.

  3. Hope the dock has plug for ear buds as well..

  4. Does anyone know who is manufacturing this dock?

  5. They’ve finally got all the product pricing and photos posted up for the Kindle Fire docking station on !! It’s shipping in March.

    It looks pretty awesome. They DID add an output jack so folks can can use headphones, connect to computer speakers, or plug the FireStation into stereo systems to watch movies with bigger sound – they are going to be accepting pre-orders soon and are offering free shipping and a $5 discount on preorders.

  6. The ReaderDock N-Station pre-order has begun at . Pre-order to save $5, get free shipping and reserve your place in link when shipping begins.

  7. Hi,

    We at Grace Digital just announced our new FireDock which is a speaker and charging system for the Kindle Fire. It’s meant as a mid to high end solution for your Fire to place in your kitchen or next to your bed. You can sign up to be notified when it ships in July ( we’ll be sending a coupon too for those who sign up).

    Like all Grace products, the FireDock has a class D digital amplifier for awesome sound. We would be more than happy to send The Digital Reader a review sample.


  8. Hi Greg, Love your products and app! How about a dock for the NOOKcolor? The reardock unit looks fairly bulky and clunky.
    Thanks Michael

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