Who Loves eReaders? (infographic)

Who Loves eReaders? (infographic) Infographic According to the following infographic, the answer is paralegals, iPod owners, and country club members.

The market research firm BlueKai pulled this together from  number of sources. It's focused on the ad potential of ereaders, but it is still a fascinating read.

The full sized infographic is after the break.

Who Loves eReaders? (infographic) Infographic

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2 Comments on Who Loves eReaders? (infographic)

  1. That makes me cringe. How far away are we from “This epage is brought to you by Charmin-‘Because the world still needs some paper products’ “

  2. The next big ad platform? Ugh! Say it ain’t true. I *despise* when companies advertise at me using a product that I bought and paid for — like an e-reader device and the books on it. I *pay* to keep advertising out of my face; not to provide companies with a means to give me more of it…

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