Kobo Releases TV Commercials in Time For Father’s Day (video)

Kobo Releases TV Commercials in Time For Father's Day (video) humor Kobo has been taking a look at all the ways they come up short against Amazon and B&N, and today I learned that apparently they feel they need to start making bad TV commercials to make up for their lack of advertising.

They posted a compilation of the commercials to their Youtube account today. The commercials  are pretty tacky, but now that I've seen them all twice I'm beginning to suspect that was on purpose.

I mean, I know used car lots that could do commercials like this; if Kobo wanted to do better they would have.

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3 Comments on Kobo Releases TV Commercials in Time For Father’s Day (video)

  1. Those are really painful to watch. Srsly, if you are apt to call your Dad a cliche, are you going to want to buy him ANY kind of gift? While B&N, Amazon, and Apple tug at heartstrings, these Kobo ads are like nails on a blackboard.

  2. I think it’s $79 at Best Buy since they are trying to dump them.

  3. I stopped at Dadism number 353438. Did I miss something cool?

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