Sony Reader PRS-T2 Now Live On Sony Style Website

It’s still 80 minutes until the press embargo expires and it looks like Sony has revealed their new ereader. (I was right when I told you that it would launch today.) Sony is showing the pink and white models, not the black one I showed you last week, but other than that everything I told you last Friday has turned out to be true.

So now that I have the official information on it, I can see that the price really is $130 (wait for the sale) and that Sony expects to ship it tomorrow.

It has all the specs and features that I mentioned last Friday, so my rant about the new ereader being only a marginal step up on the previous model stands.

Sony Style

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  1. marduk16 August, 2012

    black is also up at:

    It indeed seems like a step back: no audio support traded off for facebook support and no easily findable buttons traded off for slightly better design.

    Oh, and as the bonus, the Harry Potter book that was rumored/supposed to be in the T1

    1. Nate Hoffelder16 August, 2012

      The HP ebook did eventually show up with new purchases of the T1.

      And thanks for the link to the black model.

  2. pholy16 August, 2012

    It’s on the Canadian site as well, although the price is $140. Red and white are in-stock, shipping next week, and black is listed as out-of-stock. The link is

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  4. Isles16 August, 2012

    I am underwhelmed. No advanced text rendering technology. No HD screen. Loss of audio. Weird buttons. I might buy one on sale just to test it out, but it would go on eBay shortly after.

  5. CJJ16 August, 2012

    Well at least Sony is consistent. A progressive decline across all component lines. It’s a shame, they had some leading edge technology in Ereaders but are no longer the type of company that can capitalize on their own innovations. I found the T-1 to be feature packed but glitchy and temperamental. All they had to do was refine it, add an HD screen and they would have had something.

    My Sony DVP-S7000 DVD player is still going strong after almost 20 years. As Bruce would sing, “Glory Days….”

  6. Peter16 August, 2012

    So I guess “Harry Potter” is the new “Girl with The Dragon Tattoo” for ereader screenshots?

    1. Nate Hoffelder16 August, 2012

      Yes, but only because 50 shades of grey couldn’t be licensed.

  7. Ricardo16 August, 2012

    As an ereader user whose native tongue is not english, I’ve been looking for an ereader that offers the built in dictionary functionality (like when you highlight a word and the device looks up the definition for you) for lenguages other than english. I’m intrigued by this new sony reader claim to support 10 international dictonaries, does that mean that it has international dictionary functionality? If it does, I would buy one in a heart beat since I don’t care for the missing audio jack.

  8. Void16 August, 2012

    I’ll stick with my two year old PRS-350. It’s better than any of the supposed ‘Upgrades’ they have put out since. If it dies I think I’ll dig up a T1 if I can’t find another 300 on ebay.

  9. Ingo Lembcke16 August, 2012

    Went to the shop, weird, only the black one has a coupon for the Harry Potter book. And the PRS-T1 has vanished. No surprise, but bad idea.
    > No advanced text rendering technology.

    What exactly are you suggesting there, I for one do not see what can be advanced there? Is the text rendering of say, the Kindle Touch better or worse than on the Sony T1?

    That asked I think you are correct. And the price needs to drop fast and stay there or Sony has a nice, non moving brick on his hands.
    I wonder if and when new Kindle Readers will show up (no Fire 2, Readers with E-Ink).

  10. SV20 August, 2012

    They are making it cheaper and cheaper in terms of build quality and features, I have both a PRS-650 and a T1 , the 650 feels like quality, the T1 is good and lighter but not as well built and Sony’s library software is dreadful.

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