Kindle Touch Updated With New Features

Kindle Touch Updated With New Features Uncategorized The Kindle Paperwhite has a fraternal twin that was born the year before, and based on what I read today it is clear that Amazon loves both models equally.

Amazon rolled out an update this week for the Kindle Touch. The 5.3.7 update is a full firmware refresh, and it includes several features that are currently found on the Kindle Paperwhite and on other Amazon ereaders.

According to Amazon, the software update includes general improvements and the following feature enhancements:

  • Improvements when buying from a book sample
    While reading a sample of a book, you can view the price of the full book and purchase from the reading toolbar with one tap.
  • View full definition when looking up a word
    When you look up a word in the dictionary, you can now view the full definition in the definition window.
  • Search enhancements
    You can easily search for a highlighted word or phrase in your book, your items, or in the Kindle Store. Highlight the word or phrase, tap More, and then tap Search.

This ereader launched in Fall 2011 and then was retired in late 2012, after it was replaced by the 2012 model, the Kindle Paperwhite. But in spite of its age it seems that Amazon is still interested in supporting the KT.

And I can understand why. The Kindle Touch still has an active and enthusiastic user base that appreciate that the older ereader has support for audio (the KPW doesn't) and that it comes with twice the storage of the KPW. Many feel that the Kindle Touch is proof that newer isn't necessarily better.

You can find the update on the Amazon website. I have read over on MobileRead that this is a full update and that it will wipe any hacks installed on a KT. It could also erase the content on your KT, so I would back up your files just to be safe.

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  1. FYI: there shouldn’t be any problem related with the content on usb part.

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