Amazon’s Set-Top Box Gets a Name – FireTube

largeRemember a couple months ago when I predicted that Amazon’s rumored new Android game console was probably a set-top box?

I think Amazon’s latest trademark filing may have given away the name.

9to5Google has discovered a new trademark application from last week for the term FireTube. No one knows yet what product this belongs to, but I can tell you that the application lists Amazon as the owner.

The source is speculating that this name might be intended to belong to Amazon’s Chromecast competitor, which makes sense given that the name ends in “tube”. Past rumors have suggested that Amazon is working on one. Also, Amazon has been hiring a number of engineers who had worked on TV related startups, so they certainly have the staff on hand to make a set-top box.

Update: And now the WSJ is saying that a set-top box is coming.

Amazon is taking steps toward releasing a video-streaming device in time for the holiday selling season, according to people briefed on the company’s plans.

The set-top box, which would pit the online retailer against a host of established rivals, is a small device that resembles a Roku Inc. player and is similarly styled as a platform to run apps and content from a variety of sources, these people said. It would also serve as a delivery vehicle for Amazon’s existing streaming video service—available as part of its Prime membership—which competes with Netflix  and has been expanding lately.

In recent weeks, Amazon has approached a variety of media app developers, as well as cable television providers, seeking partnerships for the rollout of the set-top box, these people said. The Seattle-based retail giant has given some a deadline of mid-October to submit apps that could work with the device, the people said.

It would make a lot of sense to name Amazon’s first streaming product the Firetube, but I for one hope they don’t. I think it sounds stupid.

I am not claiming to be the arbiter of good taste, but IMO Amazon could do better.


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  1. fjtorres3 October, 2013

    Intel is actively lobbying Amazon to carry their upcoming IP TV service, OnCue.
    They are also lobbying TV manufacturers.
    They obviously expect Amazon to sell an STB and a lot of them.

    The name? Not too hot, really. 😉
    But then Kindle wasn’t received with much acclaim and the name has grown on us. Kinda like a fungus… 😀

  2. Hussman4 October, 2013

    Firetube? Sounds like what I’d call my poop chute after too much Taco Bell

    1. Nate Hoffelder4 October, 2013

      LOL. And that’s part of the reason why Amazon probably won’t use this term.

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