New Browser Plugin Figuratively Kills the Word Literally

unnamedThe war between those who use the word literally in its correct historical meaning and those who cannot stand to see the word used for exaggeration will likely never end, but thanks to a new browser plugin it’s now possible to call a truce.

A newly released plugin for Chrome, Safari, and Firefox is now available to rescue the frayed nerves of grammar nazis. Once installed in your web browser, the plugin replaces instances of the word literally with figuratively. It doesn’t work on illustrations or Twitter (I don’t know if it works on FB either), but at a minimum it will catch all instances of the term on most websites.

I, for one, am happy to use the term literally in the same manner as Mark Twain, Charles Dickens, and F Scott Fitzgerald used the word, but not everyone feels the same way. And thanks to this plugin, we can both be happy.

That works for me.


P.S. I last posted on this topic in August of 2013 when I pointed out the historical uses of the word literally. When you learn just how many famous authors have used this word to exaggerate it will literally blow your socks off.


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