Nvidia Shield Tablet Shows up on Certification Website

Nvidia Shield Tablet Shows up on Certification Website e-Reading Hardware Rumors have been circulating for a couple months now that Nvidia was going to release a tablet to compliment their Shield handheld gaming device (at right), but up until this week there was hardly any evidence to support the rumors.

Notebook Italia discovered that a new certification report for a device called the Nvidia Shield tablet showed up online last week. The report doesn't tell as much about the tablet, but it does confirm that something by that name exists.

According to the report, the "Shield Tablet" from Nvidia will have LTE connectivity. There's no mention of Wifi or Bluetooth, but I think it is safe to assume that the Shield tablet will have those as well.

Nvidia Shield Tablet Shows up on Certification Website e-Reading Hardware

Following a leak on an Nvidia website last month, this new report is only the second bit of evidence to prove the existence of the Shield tablet. (While a set of benchmark test results for an Nvidia Mocha tablet did leak a few months ago, it's still not clear whether the Mocha is the Shield.)

According to the rumors, the Nvidia Shield tablet will be run Android on Nvidia's incredibly powerful Tegra K1 chip. This is Nvidia's best CPU, and it's only been used in a couple devices so far (the Google Project Tango tablet and the Mi Pad from Xioami). That chip also showed up in the Mocha tablet benchmarks, leading some to speculate that Shield and Mocha are codenames for the same device.

I am not convinced, but TBH no one knows for sure at this point.

Update: As one commenter reminded me, another FCC tablet cleared the FCC a few weeks ago. The details for that tablet suggest that it is not the Mochs/MiPad, and that means it is probably the Shield tablet. Thanks, jjj!

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2 Comments on Nvidia Shield Tablet Shows up on Certification Website

  1. Lol everybody keeps repeating the Mocha thing just because they were too lazy to check the FCC fillings for the latest Nvidia tablet to show up.
    So got to point out that the FCC docs were about a tablet that is 221 mm (L) x 126 mm (W) x 8 mm (H) at 350g so 8+ inch 16:10 screen and had a 5400mAh battery.
    There is proof that the Mipad is Mocha and the Mipad has a bigger battery the one in the FCC filling.
    Sure the Shield tablet could be neither but it is very unlikely to be the Mipad/Mocha.

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