The Authors Guild Names New Executive Director

The second largest authors group in the US announced this morning that Paul Aiken, who has held the position of Executive Director for the past 21 years, will be replaced by Mary Rasenberger.

Rasenberger, a six-year veteran of the Copyright Office and Library of Congress and practicing partner at Cowan, DeBaets, Abrahams, and Sheppard, will take over as executive director of The Authors Guild on 3 November. "I’m delighted to hand the reins to someone of Mary’s caliber," said Aiken. "I’ve known her for years. She’s energetic, very smart, and knows her way around Washington. She’s a perfect fit for the job."

Aiken is stepping down to pursue new projects. He revealed last fall that he suffers from ALS, and he has been blogging about the disease at

Rasenberger is the second new face to join The Authors Guild leadership this year; in March 2014 Roxana Robinson was elected president of The AG, succeeding Scott Turow.

So it seems that The Authors Guild has replaced one lawyer with another. Do you suppose that is good news or bad news?


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2 Comments on The Authors Guild Names New Executive Director

  1. Can’t be worse than what they have–seriously doubt another lawyer is going to make them move away from their publisher and one-percenter driven agenda.

    • Essentially a wash as her expertise is in copyright law. If they’re going to stick with lawyers though, I was hoping for one that could explain things like anti-trust, sanctions, monopolies, monopsonies, contract law and the like to certain members.

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