Did Amazon’s Next Gadget Clear the FCC?

While most tech companies send their new gadgets through the FCC under their own name with the important details embargoed, Amazon likes to make things a game.

The secretive sultan of Seattle is in the habit of using unusually named LLC front companies as a cover for its FCC and trademark filings. Amazon has been using this trick ever since the very first trademark filing for the Kindle, so while I can't say for sure that this next gadget is their product, I can say that it fits their pattern.

Did Amazon's Next Gadget Clear the FCC? e-Reading Hardware

The above oblong shaped device is ostensibly the work of  Scituate, a faceless LLC based in a maildrop  at a Regus office facility in Chandler, AZ.

Scituate has no corporate registration in Arizona (it was registered out of Delaware last year), and its sole point of contact is Raven Brady, a person without a unique online identity aside from a Google Voice number.

Brady has signed off on the paperwork for a mysterious wireless device which, based on the Wifi tests, has to do something.

But I am stumped as to what. The device (JK76PL) lacks LTE, BT, or any other wireless connectivity, so I don't know how useful this could be. There's also no mention of speakers, USB, or a microphone in the test paperwork.

Do you suppose this is Amazon's next entry into home automation? It lack Bluetooth, but that's not a killer.

Any guesses?

FCC (2ACBE-0610) via ZatzNotFunny

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8 Comments on Did Amazon’s Next Gadget Clear the FCC?

  1. Doesn’t it have a definition of functionality, or at least a spec?

  2. Well, since it’s Amazon, it could be anything.

    If it was Apple though, they could just be selling an oval for $500 a pop…

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