Opera for iOS v10.2.0 Adds Night Reading Mode, Blue Light Filter

Opera for iOS v10.2.0 Adds Night Reading Mode, Blue Light Filter e-Reading Software Web Browser A new version of Opera Mini for iPad and iPhone has hit iTunes today, bringing with it a new solution to your late night porn watching problems.

Opera for iOS v10.2.0 doesn't have a very long changelog, but the relatively minor changes are going to be appreciated. The new version of the browser has a couple new settings. There's an optional night reading mode which will let you dim your device's backlight from inside the app, and there's a new optional "bedtime" mode.

The bedtime mode is more or less the blue light filter I was writing about in my last post. This filter is intended to minimize the sleep disruptions caused by late night web browsing by reducing the amount of blue light emitted from your screen. (There's research to back it up.)

Here's what the Opera app looks like with the "bedtime" mode disabled and then enabled. The screen brightness is set to full, so all you're seeing here is the impact of the filter.

You can find the new viewing modes in the settings menu which can be found by first pressing the Opera logo in the upper right corner.

Opera Mini is free in iTunes. And if Opera isn't your thing, there are several other web browsers and an ebook app (Oyster) which also offer a blue light filter.

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