Intel’s New 2-in-1 Reference Design Tablet Will Have You Seeing Double

Over the past few years Intel has shown off any number of reference designs, including tablets, a Chromebook, and a two-in-one laptop, and now Intel is talking about their most ambitious design yet.

Intel is holding the Intel Developer Forum this week in San Francisco, and the slides for one of the presentations (PDF) has revealed the chip maker’s next reference design for a cutting-edge ultrabook.

The unnamed device will be a tablet with a detachable keyboard, Intel Skylake CPU, USB Type-C, wireless charging, WiGig wireless docking support, and best of all, a secondary E-ink screen on the rear of the tablet.

We don’t have any images of the new reference design itself, but the screen is listed as a 6″ display with a resolution of 1024 x 758.

Intel showed off a similar design last fall, and we also know that one of the slides showed that the reference design could look like this:


The design also packs in 13MP cameras, an active stylus, multiple microphones (for noise cancellation) and a 12.5″ screen.

It supports multiple types of wireless tech, including wireless charging. There’s also WiGig (for a wireless connection to a docking station), and WiDi tech (for wireless monitors).

But the future is not entirely wireless, which is why the design has USB-C ports and a Thunderbolt port. The latter will likely be updated and replaced by a USB-C port before this design hits store shelves.

Intel is showing that the design has 5 USB-C ports (as well as card slots) but one component is notably absent. There’s no slot for the power cable; instead, Intel wants you to charge it through one of the USB-C ports using USB PD tech (like on the Macbook One).


You can find more in the slides (PDF).

P.S. If you find photos, please let me know. I’m dying to find out what this actually looks like.



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  1. doe20 August, 2015

    You can already smell the ad-sponsored laptop. The cameras could even capture your reaction and the microphones of connected devices could receive your direct product orders. Clearly, this could be used for good things, but I guess it’s also bound to see abuse sooner or later.

  2. Brian20 August, 2015
    1. Brian20 August, 2015

      Never mind – looks like that was an earlier prototype for a laptop with a second screen. Since nothing ever came from that I’m guessing that is likely here as well…

      1. Nate Hoffelder20 August, 2015

        Yes. I think I used that image in the older post.

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