ALA Regains Control Of its Facebook Page After 3-Day Hack

Following 3 days of clickbait updates and hilarious commentary from librarians, the American Library Association took control of its Facebook page early Monday morning.

Sometime on 5 September hackers got access to one of the admin accounts that managed the ALA's page, and the hackers quickly dumped  the other page admins, locked everyone else out, and proceeded to post updates like:

The ALA confirmed on Twitter on Saturday that their FB pad been hacked, Facebook had been informed, and that nothing was happening because (apparently) the responsible parties at Facebook were enjoying the holiday weekend and not checking their emails.

The hackers were also enjoying the weekend, and so were the librarians who trolled the clickbait updates with hilarious comments.

For example, Steve Kemple has been classifying each update with the relevant Dewey Decimal library categories:

ALA Regains Control Of its Facebook Page After 3-Day Hack humor Web Publishing

Other responses include:

Fun was had all around, so much so that I wish the hacker was invited to stay. Alas, this morning the ALA reported that they had been handed control of the page again.

They've deleted the clickbait, and posted a staid update with the promise that the ALA's social team would review its security procedure and make sure this does not happen again. I for one hope they don't succeed; the hacked account was much more fun.

P.S. You can find an archive of the updates and responses on Facebook (courtesy of Tobey Maguire); some were found via Buzzfeed.

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  1. Does look like a lot of fun stuff went on, nice samples 🙂

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