New Update Available for Onyx Boox i86, T68, M96

If you bought an Onyx Boox ereader from then I have some good news for you.

A new update was released last week for the Onyx Boox i86, M96C, T68, and other models. We don't have specific details on the update, but the page does note that this was the first updatein a little over two months and that "Several commonly reported problems solved". 

I've checked over at MobileRead, and I couldn't find any first-hand reports on the changes and improvements, so you're going to have to into this one blind. And you're going to have to leave me behind; I've tried to install the update (twice) without success.

You can find the update over on Please do let me know if it works for you.

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8 Comments on New Update Available for Onyx Boox i86, T68, M96

  1. It installed fine for me.
    I don’t know if it fixed anything though.

  2. Here is more information:
    Choose the right line and you find details about the update.

  3. I installed the 10.20 update when it came out. It seems to improve A2 mode, although that could be my imagination. It also adds a WiFi status indicator LED (which is red). Whenever WiFi is switched on, the indicator turns red. It’s a really great feature.

    This is probably the product most like a rooted Nook Simple Touch, out of all the e-readers out there. It does video playback, strangely enough. E-ink video is surprisingly good, with a fair amount of ghosting.

  4. Update 19.10.2015 on Boox M96C
    First attempt failed.
    Then, reset and cleared all user data, cleared cache.
    Applied again
    Rooted M96C. First version Titanium Backup did not run, second( +pro) did.
    Seems slight improvementin general behavior, cannot tell what exactly.
    Thanks for the link Nate.

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