How to Get a $50 Fire Tablet Before Christmas

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Amazon’s $50 Fire tablet is proving so popular this holiday season that I wouldn’t be surprised if it were the single best-selling tablet in the world during the fourth quarter.

Amazon has sold so many that the product page at Amazon for the $50 Fire tablet says that it won’t be in stock until 27 December, and that means that anyone who wants to put the tablet under the Christmas tree is going to have to look for other means to acquire one.

Here are a few ways you can do that.

For one thing, the $50 Fire tablet may be out of stock but the $64 ad-free version is not. You can order that today and get it in time for Christmas. Sure, you’re paying $15 more, but you’re also getting the tablet.

But if that doesn’t work for you, Best Buy still has this tablet in stock online, and possibly in stores. I can’t find any in stores near me, but a quick check of the BB website shows us that the website has it in stock and that BB is promising it will arrive on 23 December. They may also have it on the shelf of a Best Buy store close to you, so should check that.

While you’re searching online, you should also check Sears and Staples, just in case they have bundles or tablets in stock. (Sears says they can ship a $60 bundle in time for Christmas, but with their reputation I would not trust them.)

Speaking of bundles, Amazon has several offers where they’ve bundled a $50 Fire tablet with accessories: Entertainment Bundle, Travel Bundle, and Essentials Bundle.

Unfortunately, only the travel bundle is in stock at Amazon. It costs $105 (which is probably why Amazon has any left) and includes a car charger, case, and screen protector.

That’s an expensive bundle, but if you were going to get those accessories anyway then it’s not a bad deal.

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