The New Windows 10 Preview Comes with EPUB Support in Edge Web Browser

3002932465_d921a0ae8d_bVirtually all web browsers natively support PDFs, but the next version of the Microsoft Edge browser does more.

BetaNews and VentureBeat report the new Windows 10 preview incorporates a new version of Edge which supports Epub:

First up, Edge now supports the EPUB file format, so you can read any unprotected e-book in the file format just like you can with PDFs. While reading EPUB files, Edge lets you change the text size and font, and choose between three themes (light, sepia, and dark). You can also leave bookmarks, use the table of contents or seek bar at the bottom of the browser, search for words or phrases, and use Cortana to define specific words.

Edge launched with Windows 10 and is not available in the earlier and better versions of Windows, so this feature won’t be coming to most Windows users, but we do have other options.

Most web browsers have one or more plugins or extensions which can read ebooks. Chrome has Readium, for example, among other apps. Firefox has similar web apps, and of course one could always use Google Play Books to read an Epub in your browser (but it might not be worth effort of uploading the ebook before downloading it).

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  2. Mike19 November, 2016

    Readium is server based. This is file based.

    1. Nate Hoffelder20 November, 2016


      I could have sworn Readium installed in my web browser, but you’re right. It is server-based.

      But I don’t see how that matters.

  3. Jonah Emery20 November, 2016

    Umm, over 400 million people have Windows 10. It works just great thank you.

    “Edge launched with Windows 10 and is not available in the earlier and better versions of Windows, so this feature won’t be coming to most Windows users”

    1. Nate Hoffelder20 November, 2016

      According to StatCounter, twice as many people use older versions of Windows as use Windows 10.

      So “most Windows users” is correct.

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  5. Tom S7 December, 2016

    Windows 10 Mobile Preview (build 14977) now has the feature. My Microsoft Lumia 640 is still on 14965 (‘slow’ track), but looking forward to playing with it when it shows up. My guess is it won’t be great, at least on my device.

    Given the lack of reading apps for Windows 10 Mobile, one has to be grateful for whatever crumbs fall.


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