Amazon is Beta-Testing the Label “Digital Books”

Don't look now, but Amazon is currently toying with removing the Kindle label from the ebooks it sells on its site.

Four days ago a reader (Thanks, Steve!) told me that Amazon was no longer showing the label "Kindle ebooks" in book listings. Instead, he and several people on MobileRead are now seeing Amazon label its ebook offerings as "Digital Books" (except for one bloke who is seeing "eBook").

I can only see the new label when I browse  Amazon's website in Silk on my Fire tablet:

Amazon is Beta-Testing the Label "Digital Books" Amazon

I have another confirmation from Mike Cane on Twitter, and he is as baffled as the rest of us. "That is a very strange A/B test Amazon is running," he tweeted. "Something is up somehow."

He's not wrong.

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  1. Awesome! I hope this means Amazon is going to do away with their proprietary format and adopt EPUB.

  2. They probably just want to make it clear to customers that you don’t need a Kindle device to buy e-books from them.

  3. In the UK I’m still seeing “Kindle Edition” but in the USA it’s “eBook” (I’m registered in the UK for Kindle Books but authors often only give an link so I regularly visit the US site where I click on the link for “Continue shopping on the Kindle Store at”.)

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