Buk Lets You Create Sharable Links into the Contents of Your Book

Buk Lets You Create Sharable Links into the Contents of Your Book Self-Pub Web Publishing

Authors have long used excerpts to promote their books, but it's never been all that easy to share a snippet. Most of the time authors have had to either copy the snippet to their site or embed a Kindle sampler.

Now there is a new option. Buk.io is a platform where authors can upload a copy of their book and embed links to the best parts. Those links can then be shared online.

I just got an email from its developer.

Buk.io lets any publisher/author upload an ebook and make it available either in a browser or a mobile app. This flexible platform currently provides over 50,000 public domain and paid books, as well as the ability to search Wikipedia from the platform.  For publishers/authors, it is easy to use, as they can upload ePUB files for free and set up prices as they see fit. Authors and publishers get 70% of any revenue from sales and 30% goes to buk.

Buk is free to use and available on the web, with a complimentary app in the App StoreGoogle Play and it covers all devices, including Chrome Books.

Buk has a number of examples over on Twitter of excerpts embedded in Tweets.  I would show you one here but the tweet doesn't play well with WordPress.


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