Kindle App for iOS Gains Support for Infinite Scrolling, Split View on iPad, and More

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The latest update for the Kindle iOS app is going to make David Rothman of Teleread very happy.

Amazon released a new version of the Kindle app today. New features include Arabic dictionaries, split view (but only on the larger iThings), and an option to scroll your way through an ebook rather than turn the page.

Yes, Amazon has finally taken the same scrolling feature found in all web browsers and added it to the Kindle app for iOS.

While this might not seem important, there have been times where I have had a diagram and its explanation show up on two different pages. If I had had the option to scroll the page, I could have had all the info on the screen at once.

This will prove to be a useful feature, although I do wonder how it will work on the iPad in landscape mode with the two columns. Alas, I don’t have an iPad to test this on, so I’m going to have to wait for you to test it and report back.

You can find the app in iTunes.


  • Split view on iPad is here! Resize the app to multi-task while reading without ever switching context.
  • Try scrolling through your book – just like a web page. Turn continuous scrolling on via Settings, then easily turn it on and off from the Aa menu in your book. Tell us what you think.
  • Pull down in the library to refresh your list of books.
  • We’ve added Kindle dictionaries for Arabic.


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  1. Randy Lea19 March, 2018

    Amazon continuously makes improvements to its ebook reading software. This makes one think its a growing market.

    1. Nate Hoffelder20 March, 2018

      I would like to think that, but let’s not forget that “it’s always day one at Amazon”. Amazon iterates because it doesn’t want to be replaced rather than because the market is growing.

  2. Tom S20 March, 2018

    Continuous Scrolling is something I’ve been asking them to do for awhile. It is a good start but needs some work: you cannot select text (for lookup, annotation etc.), and does not support Speak Screen or work with Personal Documents (looks like another feature bundled with Enhanced Typography). Footnotes no longer ‘pop up’ but jump to location instead. But it is nice to have the option, and I expect selection support will be added soon.

    Split View (& Slide Over) support has taken awhile to arrive (it has been an iOS feature since iOS 9 dropped in 2015) but better late than never, and the implementation looks pretty solid.

  3. David Coldrick12 May, 2018

    I have the current kindle app as of 12 May 2018 on my iPad Air 2, but cannot see how to turn on infinite scrolling. How is it done?

  4. TONI MATHIAS-GRUMLEY23 November, 2018

    I bought a new iPad 11″ with the Smart keyboard folio. I have the Kindle App loaded with a book but I notice the down arrow will not advance/scroll the page(like using when on a web page, where it scrolls down). This is so irritating as these buttons should work.I have to touch the screen in order to scroll the screen.
    Is there a setting somewhere to adjust? Thank you!

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