Leaked: Kobo Clara HD Costs $129, Ships Early Next Month

Kobo’s newest ereader isn’t scheduled to ship until the end of the month, but Notebook Italia finding a leaked product listing on an Italian retailer’s website just rendered the press embargo moot.

The cat is truly out of the bag, but I am still under an embargo so I can’t tell you everything.

The Kobo Clara HD is a new 6″ ereader with a touchscreen and color-changing frontlight on top of 300 PPI Carta E-ink screen. Weighing in at 166 grams, the Clara HD measures 8.4 mm thin. Under the hood you will find 8GB of storage, Wifi, and a 1.5Ah battery, but you will not find BT or a card slot.

All in all, the specs suggest that this is a nice upgrade to Kobo’s existing 6″ ereader, but it doesn’t wow me – mostly because I don’t care for the Clara HD’s stand out feature, its color-changing frontlight.

If you do like it and have been wanting to get the new frontlight on a pocketable ereader then you are going to be very happy in just a few weeks.

The Clara HD will sell for $129 USD or 129 euros. It ships in Italy on 5 June; my embargo ends a few days short of that.


Nate Hoffelder

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  1. Marisa V14 May, 2018

    Smaller than current Kobo Aura Ed 2, then. Let’s see how it appears in Spain.

  2. […] Digital Reader also reports it’ll have an E Ink Carta display with 300 pixels per inch, and that the device weighs 5.9 […]

  3. tired14 May, 2018

    Welcome the new Kobo Glo HD! Oh wait… err… Clara HD! Truly we have never sold a 300 ppi 6 inch ereader before. No we certainly didn’t pull a perfectly good 300 ppi reader, replace it with a low res one just to sell you the same ereader later as an upgrade! No way!! We are truly innovative.

    In all seriousness that bezel is so small that in the marketing picture the guy holding the reader has to rest his thumb on the screen itself! You would have to completely disable tapping for turn page to not accidentally back up all the way to the beginning while reading.

  4. Xaver Basora15 May, 2018

    No Bluetooth? After making such big deal with audio books?
    I also do wish Kobold and others would just include a card slot. Who are you to tell me how many books and stuff I can store in my e-readers?

  5. Laura15 May, 2018

    Was there anything already mentioned about OverDrive integration? I was going to buy the Kobo Aura One, but if the Clara will have it as well, I’ll wait for it.

    1. Nate Hoffelder15 May, 2018

      you didn’t hear this from me, but OverDrive is not mentioned in the fact sheet.

      1. Laura16 May, 2018

        Thanks. (Oh well)

  6. Name16 May, 2018

    Kobo used to be innovative. Sigh.


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