PocketBook Touch Lux 4

PocketBook’s other new ereader for fall 2018 is the Touch Lux 4, an ereader whose specs place it between the basic Kindle and Paperwhite.

This is a slightly more powerful and capable ereader than the Basic Lux 2, but not by much. The PocketBook Touch Lux 4 has the same CPU, OS, storage, and screen as the Basic Lux 2, but it also has twice the RAM and a touchscreen.

The Touch Lux 4 has a 6″ 212ppi Carta E-ink screen with a capacitive touchscreen and frontlight. It runs Pocketbook’s own software on a 1 GHz CPU with 512 MB RAM, 8GB storage, a microSD card slot, and Wifi.

According to the spec sheet, it weighs 155 grams and packs in a 1.5Ah battery. That is a larger battery than on the Basic Lux 2, but it’s still weak compared to other inexpensive ereaders like the Inkbook Lumos.

Pocketbook’s device support a wide range of formats, including Epub, FB2, Mobi, CHM, RTF, PDF, DJVU, and DOCX. Most of those formats are not well supported, though, so you probably won’t want to use them.

There’s no word on the official release date, but it will probably be almost impossible to get the Touch Lux 4 in the US; Pocketbook is mostly sold in Europe.

I am trying to get one to review.

PocketBook Touch Lux 4

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  1. Name11 September, 2018

    It is already released. It can be ordered directly from Pocketbook or from several sellers on amazon.de. I’d wait for the Touch HD 3 though, which should also be available shortly (it may already be in Russia).


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