This Word Does Not Exist

Here’s something fun for your Friday.

I just found (via Reddit) a site where an AI invents words and their definitions every time you refresh the page. For example:

This is not exactly new – I follow someone on Twitter who does this all the time with machine learning, and I also follow another account the generates words and definitions, and tweets them.

One way this site differs from similar projects is that the words and definitions  come very close to sounding real – if you found one in a legitimate dictionary, you would not question it.


This Word Does Not Exist

P.S. Find any particularly cromulent words?

Nate Hoffelder

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  1. Disgusting Dude30 May, 2020

    It’s a start.
    What writers need is an AI that invents fake languages.
    Pick a set of parameters, feed it a bunch of sentences, get a translation and/or dictionary
    Folks on TV and movies would pay good money, too.

  2. James Viscosi31 May, 2020

    Snigleterator (n): A website for generating words that don’t exist.

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