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24Symbols launched an iPad app, but there’s no reason to get it

The newly launched ebookstore 24Symbols released their new iPad app on Tuesday, and right now I’d say that the €10 a month subscription that they’re charging  is not worth the money.

24Symbols is a fairly new startup with a novel ebookstore idea. You can read online for free (and be subjected to adverts), or you can subscribe  and read without ads and offline. Unfortunately, the current content selection is almost entirely in the public domain. There’s nothing on 24Symbols that you can’t find on Project Gutenberg, Feedbooks, or other sites.

But I did notice one interesting detail. Like the apps from the major ebookstores. the 24Symbols app fell victim to the iTunes rules about linking to the website. You have to have an account before launching the app otherwise you can’t do squat.


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MNielsen July 29, 2011 um 1:29 pm

Been too busy to try out my competition, so glad you did it for me. It is an interesting idea but not sure it will succeed here in the US, especially not without a good catalog.
I am a little surprised that iTunes rules came in play here, as it is a service not a per item shopping app. Then again no need for the direct link as people only need to sign up once and then it is done.

Justo July 31, 2011 um 4:43 am

Thanks for the article. Would just like to emphasize that 24symbols uses a freemium model so a reader that wants to read classics doesn’t have to pay for them. As we add more books from commercial publishers (which we are already adding in spanish, portuguese, dutch and italian) the value of the service will increase.

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