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About that "100 million downloads"

Stevie boy has passed along a piece of ebook info at the iPad launch today. He’s reported that over 1oo million ebooks have been downloaded from iBooks.

Of course,  "100 million downloads" refers to the number of downloads, not sales. Based on the several people I’ve talked to, ebook sales in iBooks are not nearly that high. And how could they be? iBooks only has around 90k titles from about 2500 publishers.

In other news, Random House ebooks started showing up in iBooks this morning. All 17k titles currently published by RH are expected to be available soon.

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bobm March 6, 2011 um 1:09 am

Umm, ok, let’s say that someone sold 10M devices.

In order to sell 100M books they would have to have 10 books per device.

Not impossible, I’m on the high side of the curve with around 22 books, 9 purchased and the rest from the free category.

My purchase habits are buying the book from Amazon or Apple depending on which is cheaper.

Other friends are also buying from the ibook store and use the same purchasing technique so I find it hard to understand how you doubt the numbers.

Nate the great March 6, 2011 um 10:54 am

If iBooks had sold 100 million, don’t you think he would have said the word?

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