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Amazon continue to mess with tech bloggers – new Kindle URL registered

With the registration of 3 new URLs in just a few weeks, either Amazon is going to binge on new products or they’re trying to mess with our heads. They just registered a new website address at No, the site doesn’t do anything; it’s just a placeholder.

Unlike some bloggers, I don’t think any of these domains mean anything. I’m not even going to consider the possibility that this is anything other than a placeholder because, like I’ve said before, Amazon will file a trademark on any name that they plan to give to a product or service.  No trademark != not gonna use it.

The registration might be kept quiet, but it will still happen before the word is used. For example, Amazon registered the trademark for the Kindle in 2006, long before it launched in 2007. That trademark was registered through a front company in DE.

Actually, the DE dummy corp wasn’t a very good disguise; the paperwork that the state of Delaware required for corporations led me straight to Amazon (I looked for the trademark info in September 2007). Several of Amazon’s employees were even listed as officers of the dummy corp, and the contact phone number reached Amazon’s general switchboard.

On the other hand, I’m pretty sure I was the only one who looked for the trademark so that disguise was more than enough. Isn’t it interesting what you can find if you know where to look for the government paperwork?

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