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Amazon is Shutting Down Amazon Giveaways on 30 November

Amazon is shutting down its nearly five-year-old giveaway service in two weeks.

The retailer sent out an email today, informing authors and others who have run contests that the service is being wound down over the next couple months. The option to start a new giveaway contest will end on 10 October, and Amazon will end all current contests on 17 October.  All outstanding prizes will need to be collected by the end of next month.


After careful consideration, Amazon Giveaway is retiring. Thank you for participating in the program. Our records show that you have credits from previous eBook giveaways. These credits can be used to create new giveaways until October 10, 2019 and customers can enter giveaways until October 17, 2019. You can also download any remaining eBook credits as Kindle claim codes from the Amazon Giveaway dashboard. Claim codes do not expire, and can be gifted through social media channels, or directly to fans, followers, friends, or family members.

Any unused credits that are not downloaded as claim codes will be refunded by November 30, 2019.

I heard about the EOL via KBoards and FB, and Amazon confirmed the news on its own site.

So tell me, have you used the service?

I never have, neither as a seller or a contestant. I’ve never found the offers appealing, although I do see that Amazon added Kindle ebooks as a prize option in early 2016.

What did you think of the service?

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Crystal King September 28, 2019 um 10:36 am

This is a huge bummer. It was the best way to get followers to your Amazon author page, so that whenever you release a new book those followers would get an email notification, boosting day one sales. I got the tip from the former head at my publisher, who had worked at Amazon. I ran a contest every month and easily added anywhere from 600-1000 new followers to my page every time I ran one. And it only cost me usually about one book to do so–way cheaper than Goodreads' contests. I probably have about 7-8k followers on my Amazon page just from these contests, so yeah, this sucks, IMHO.

Nate Hoffelder September 29, 2019 um 9:40 pm

Wow! I didn’t realize it was that effective – no one was talking about it, as far as I know.

Fred September 29, 2019 um 12:59 am

Hope they’ll reconsider. It was quite useful for ebook giveaways.

Hutch September 30, 2019 um 3:28 pm

Just got an email from KDP, they are also killing the Matchbook program at the end of Oct. I have no idea why they’d want to stop it as it is a win-win, unless hmm, maybe they are going to make it a new Prime perk or something like that.

Nate Hoffelder September 30, 2019 um 3:37 pm

yep – working on a post now!

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Melissa Dailey October 1, 2019 um 10:58 pm

I love it!! I only use it as a customer. I find new products out this way or products I’ve never heard of and have been able to try new products from winning. I also do the Kindle books this way it’s how I found new authors so I could purchase books to read. I’m really bummed out that this is canceling. I too hope they reconsider.

Erin October 3, 2019 um 9:40 am

Awful news. 🙁

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Roy October 3, 2019 um 2:03 pm

This is a bummer. I’ve won more than 100 books this year. When I didn’t win, sometime I bought the book or read it with Kindle Unlimited.

Kitti October 3, 2019 um 10:36 pm

A very big bummer 🙁 I’ve won so many cool things through the bouncy box giveaways. Hate to see it end.

Don Russell October 5, 2019 um 3:27 pm

Bummer! I’ve won some really good paperback and kindlebooks. Also, now I get an email anytime my favorites writes a new one. Not to mention the cool stuff I’ve won. Bye bye amazon nice while it lasted. Peace out!

Wanda October 5, 2019 um 8:10 pm

Too bad. I’ve enjoyed it a lot and won dozens of prizes plus great discounts on stuff I didn’t win. It’s changed in the last 6 months, though. 99,000th winner? 55,0000th 7,000th? I noticed last night many giveaways ended without a winner. Well, duh. But they got their advertising…

Sharon October 7, 2019 um 12:58 pm

I’m bummed out as well as others here. I only discovered the Amazon Giveaways last year. I have enjoyed winning some things & found products I didn’t know about before. I sure hope they do something similar after ending this one. I doubt that though. I would really like to know why it is ending.

Suzanne VanSickle Eastman October 7, 2019 um 2:09 pm

I am so sorry to hear that this program is ending! I have won many quality items and found new items to purchase! My shopping cart is full of items I have seen here. I would be very interested in any future giveaways that Amazon would sponsor!

Matt October 7, 2019 um 9:12 pm

I just happened to notice a clue of this ending. I’ve tried a few thousand times on many giveaways at very wide range of stuff. At all hours. Not 1 win. Not sad to see it go. At least it was free to try.

Aardvark October 8, 2019 um 1:12 pm

I never won anything and got tired of even trying. The constant "you did not win" just pointed out what a waste of time it was for me. Not going to miss it.

mbh October 8, 2019 um 3:03 pm

I am sad. I have found the giveaways as a way to relax, learn about new/different products, and (of course on rare occasions) receive a free item. There were products I would not have discovered through any other manner.

LuAnn Berg October 8, 2019 um 5:56 pm

Sorry to hear this! After months of trying I finally just won some toothbrushes!

Teresa R October 10, 2019 um 3:36 pm

I really hate to see it go. I have been playing it for almost 2 years and I have won 33 times. It’s an everyday addiction LOL. I will miss it for sure.

krysteel October 10, 2019 um 11:08 pm

For a time they had the giveaways random also so they were easier to win and I won a few items. They had fixed as well which I don’t care for which is all they have now. Ex every 20,000th person would win. These giveaways aren’t even worth playing unless they are hosted by Amazon and are just a way for the giveaway to end without paying out and the host to collect followers. I don’t know why they got rid of the random but that ruined for me. I don’t mind seeing it go away since I quit winning.

Sheryn Campbell October 11, 2019 um 6:20 am

I’m really sad to see giveaways go. It’s an awesome idea and unique to Amazon so I’m curious to see what it will be replaced with. Hopefully it will be replaced. I have won several times and it is a great way to see items that otherwise you would never have an opportunity to see. I’m sad to see it go ????

gma October 11, 2019 um 2:19 pm

I am very sad to see this go. I wonder why? I have won quite a few cool things with these giveaways,

Anthony L. October 12, 2019 um 1:29 pm

I won about 5 different items over the last two years on Amazon Giveaways and I have also hosted giveaways for my book. This makes no sense to why they are ending it. I see no reason for their decision anywhere. From a marketing standpoint, I don’t see an advantage to "retiring" giveaways.

Patty October 12, 2019 um 4:57 pm

This really sucks through those giveaways you get to try so many new things you would never know of without the giveaway. I dont understand why they want to do away with something so many people love that im sure actually gets them more business. It really really sucks.

Mark Jones October 13, 2019 um 5:41 am

I hope Amazon will reconsider. I have bought so many products, just because I didn’t win them on bouncy boxes and didn’t know that I needed them until I saw them in that contest. Don’t let this win win go.

Ann p d October 13, 2019 um 8:46 am

I hate to see it go , won many cool prizes . Amazon Giveaways were cool till they wanted my tax info

Carol Jenkins October 13, 2019 um 12:00 pm

I’m sad to see it go. Won a few nominal things but enjothe chance to win and exploring products.

Patricia October 14, 2019 um 8:59 am

I really enjoy Amazon Giveaways. When I found out they are retiring it I was sad. I won a lot of books and kindle books playing Amazon Giveaways the last few years. I have won other prizes that I use. I also won items I used as gifts to family and friends. One thing I enjoyed about the giveaways is if you didn’t win, you could buy the item at a discounted price. I did this sometimes if I really needed it. And as far as Amazon getting my tax information that didn’t bother me at all. It never affected my income tax return. I am really going to miss it. For people that liked to win books you can try They have book giveaways everyday.

Robin Weidner October 14, 2019 um 1:02 pm

It was my daily thing. I won many Items over the year many I gave as gifts. and Because of Giveaways I would come across products I never new about and sometimes would buy as gifts or for me. Item I with out the Giveaways would have never bought. I do not understand why they are retiring this service, It was good for sellers and buyers. and brought most people to Amazon daily which increased chance of sales. BAD MOVE for Amazon if you ask me and makes no sense at all.

Mindy October 15, 2019 um 12:17 am

I’m so disappointed. I used it as a customer as well and I just found it a couple of weeks ago. I won 2 books and I got addicted to it. I can’t believe they are discontinuing it. I wonder why? I’m going to message them and beg them to reconsider. I think everyone should and maybe if they get enough they will keep it.

Michelle B October 15, 2019 um 11:39 pm

So upsetting Amazon. I won many items on giveaways and have bought quite a few things I didn’t using the discount. Really wish they would bring it back. As Mindy stated let’s all beg Amazon

gma October 16, 2019 um 11:30 am

Count me into the ones VERY sad about them ending these Giveaways. I have won a lot of fun things! I’d play everyday, browse through them. YES I have won several kindle books! And added some books to my to be read list that I otherwise would not have known about. I am really sad they are ending these. I wonder why????? I came into this page trying to find an article explaining why they are ending the giveaways.

Joe October 17, 2019 um 8:17 pm

Won many items throughout the years. I made many purchases based on items I saw and liked that I didn’t win. I’m sure my purchases will decline without giveaways . I think it’s a bad move for amazon.

Paul J Price October 18, 2019 um 5:44 am

I’m not sad, I must have entered thousands of giveaways and never won anything. Thought about writing a script so I could cheat like I believe a majority did, but decided to not waste my time.

Teresa Morgan October 18, 2019 um 8:48 pm

It sucks that the giveaways have ended I loved watching the box bounce to see if I’ve won. I’ve won more the a few times and they were great stuff, an Amazon Show, a convection oven, a lamp. I’m going to miss it?

Aggie October 19, 2019 um 11:29 am

I too am sad the giveaways ended. Have won a few things myself! Hope they reconsider & resume!

Quizzy October 19, 2019 um 5:05 pm

This is absolutely the worst news today. I do this every day! Well, did. I won some awesome stuff and found some things I didn’t know existed.

Helppppp. Bring it back or I’ll riot

Yvette Mancuso October 20, 2019 um 10:48 pm

I’ve played for about three years~ loved playing. Played every single day. Won many books and knives and defrosting boards. Sleeping bags. Kids toys and really cool stuff. It’s a shame they are stopping this. It was a good perk having to pay to much money for a yearly membership. They should reconsider. Was the only thing worth paying a membership because even ordering prime stuff few years ago getting your packages in 2-3 days stopped happening years ago. Maybe they should of fixed that instead of taking the giveaways away!

Melanie October 28, 2019 um 10:40 am

I just went to search for the giveaways and found out they ended! I would go on occassionally and see what was out there. I, too, found some cool things that I had never heard of before and have purchased after not winning. I have won several items as well! A little disappointed that they are gone. Did Amazon really even have much to do with that page? Seemed harmless to me. I don’t think they had to pay for any of the items or shipping if I read things correctly. I hope they reconsider bringing this back.

Jackie October 28, 2019 um 1:41 pm

I am so bummed that they ended this fun little perk!! I won many items and feel the same as others! I didn’t know some of these products existed! I purchased items too after seeing them as a giveaway. Paying for a prime membership just isn’t worth it anymore!

Dollie October 28, 2019 um 6:35 pm

This is absolutely bull! I enjoyed getting on Amazon just for the giveaways and 90% of te time funding done random (cool) item I didn’t need and would purchase it. Pretty upsetting to sty the least. I think your sales will drop tremendously now.

Brian November 11, 2019 um 8:44 am

I’m sad that the giveaway perk is gone but not heartbroken. I never won anything from the giveaway and, in my opinion, seemed to be a way for Amazon to learn a person’s interests based on what they clicked.

Kimberly Dawn November 14, 2019 um 5:43 am

I too am disappointed finding that Amazon giveaways has been discontinued. I won a number of cool items. Not all were things that I needed or even wanted for myself. Some of the items I tried to win for others. Some, in order to get an idea of what the quality was of the product offered & the business selling the item. Not only was it a fun way to de-stress & unplug from the outside world. (A thrift freaks version of a video game.) It also allowed me to save money I would have had to have spent on some gifts I was needing to get. As well as a couple of items I was needing to buy for myself/my household in order to replace or repair something I own. Then there was the 1st prize I won because I wasn’t being discriminate at all & was giving a go to every item that came up. It’s a modern LED light fixture. Retail value of about $50. It’s nothing that matches the decor of my house. So I will probably donate it to Habitat for Humanity. Or sell it online.
Anyway, I really hope Amazon brings this back for all the reasons I & others have mentioned.
And while I’m here, what happened to the Amazon Outlet site? I can’t seem to find that either. Even though Amazon does offer some good deals. When you’re living on SSI, you’re having to pinch pennies & cut corners everywhere! Which begs to ask; when will Amazon make the decision to lead the grocery market by taking EBT/foodstamp cards so those of us who are both homebound & on gvmt. food assistance can have food delivered by an actual grocery store again. Kroeger/King Soopers used to. Then for some reason quit making their own deliveries & started using Instacart to make their deliveries & they refuse to take food stamps. So the only food seller out there that will deliver & who take foodstamp monies is Schwan’s. Which is ridiculous, since EBT cards are processed exactly like a debit or credit card. I think it’s even run through Chase bank just as any other like card would be.

Corina Murphy November 17, 2019 um 7:42 pm

I loved doing these giveaways every evening. I did win a few things, air popper, necklace, cribsheet, ebooks. Of course I tried for many more items. My kiddo and I would take turns pressing the bouncy box. Seems foolish to get rid of something that was enjoyable for all. Guess amazon won’t be seeing much of me this year.

Lee Ann December 1, 2019 um 4:21 pm

Count me in as one of the disappointed ones. I played quite a bit and even though I only won once…happy about that….I saw a lot of different products and if you didn’t win you usually got a discount.

I don’t understand why Amazon would stop this. It was advertisement for the sellers and the sellers paid for the prizes and shipping cost. From what I understood it was nothing….or very little… off Amazon’s back. Maybe they are planning on doing something new?

Marybeth Stefani January 2, 2020 um 5:02 am

Still very disappointed these ended! It was a terrible idea to stop them, it was great advertisement for sellers and great for discounts. I loved shopping on Amazon but don’t much anymore.. If the Amazon bouncy boxes had to be taken away, then why not keep the "enter to win" ones? Why take it ALL away. I’d be happy to at least see enter to win ones again. Bring something back! Many disappointed customers here.

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