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Amazon Launches a New Reports Site for Authors – KDP Reports

Word is circulating through KBoards and Facebook today that Amazon is testing a new site where authors can track their sales data. It’s called KDP Reports, and looks something like this:

I have no ebooks in the Kindle Store, so I can’t show you the site in action, but it does sound useful:

Welcome to the new KDP Reports beta! We’ll be adding more reports — including historical data for Sales, KENP Read, and Royalties — in the future, so stay tuned!

It would appear this site is intended to compete with the sales analytics tools like AKReport and Book Report.

Have you tried the new site? What do you think?

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Nirmala November 14, 2018 um 4:21 pm

Looks good, except we have four books in a series with the same two words at the beginning of the title, and it is lumping all of their sales together.

Carmen Webster Buxton November 14, 2018 um 8:52 pm

Looks pretty good! I like that different titles are in different colors instead of one solid bar for alll sales that day. That’s also true for KENP pages read, which makes up for having select either sales or KENP.

Jim November 15, 2018 um 8:50 am

I have a book with an amazon imprint, and this looks very much like the dashboard amazon gives me for that book (Amazon Publishing or Apub). It’s better then regular kdp, but still but as good as book report

Jim November 15, 2018 um 8:57 am

*not* as good as book report

Kathy Steinemann November 15, 2018 um 10:47 am

Here’s the link that will take writers to their own reports:

Thanks, Nate. I prefer the main KDP site for functionality, but KDPReports is eye-catching with its book covers.

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