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Amazon Launches New Kindle Travel Bundles

Just in time for the summer travel season, Amazon is releasing a new line of Kindle bundles tomorrow.

The retailer has long offered both Kindle Essential Bundles and a kid-focused bundle. These kits provided everything you need for reading at home or while running errands, and now Amazon has a solution for taking your Kindle on vacation.

The new Kindle Travel bundles include your choice of Voyage, Paperwhite, or Oasis along with a case, charger, and a stylish backpack in your choice of colors: black, two shades of brown, and pink.

To be clear, those are not the official colors but are instead what I see in the photos:

Color nitpick aside, these are pretty backpacks, and they are just the right size to fit your Kindle plus a camera, smartphone, water bottle, and other essentials for touristing. (You might also squeeze in a guide book, but wouldn’t you rather have it on your smartphone?)

I would get one if not for my policy of carrying an ugly dirty backpack on trips in order to discourage thieves. (I used to use a singing Hello Kitty backpack for the same purpose but stopped after an abgry mob set it on fire.)

The travel bundles are priced about $40 more than the Kindle Essential Bundles. For example, the Kindle Paperwhite Travel Bundle costs $200 while the Kindle Paperwhite Essentials Bundle costs $160.

Amazon says the backpack is worth $70 (I would believe that based on the product photos), making this a very good deal.

If you like them you should get one soon; I would not assume they will be around at the end of the year.

Amazon has tested and retired a number of hardware kits over the years, including a Reader’s tablet bundle for the KF8. That particular bundle was retired with no fanfare, and the same could happen to the new travel bundles if they prove unpopular.

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Frank May 15, 2017 um 10:16 am

The marketing says the travel bag (valued at $69) is free, so if you bought the other items separately: Paperwhite 109 + premium cover 60 + charger 20 = bag for ~$11.

The Kindle Oasis bundle is the best deal since it is just $20 more than the regular price since it already has a cover and the charge is priced at 20. So the bag is "free" in that bundle.

MrsMac May 15, 2017 um 1:41 pm

My Kindle Voyage is relatively new, but I’d love one of the travel bags. Too bad they don’t sell them separately.

MrsMac May 15, 2017 um 1:43 pm

Ha! I found the cases …

Nate Hoffelder May 15, 2017 um 2:17 pm


Thanks! I liked them too.

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