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Amazon removed the ebookstore link from the Kindle iOS app

And now the other shoe has dropped.

Amazon Kindle pr tweeted just a few minutes that there’s a new update for the Kindle iOS apps. First thing they changed was exactly what you’d expect: the link that used to lead you to the Kindle Store has been removed.

I don’t have an iGadget at hand, so I’m working from the updated listing.

The good news is that even though Apple took away with one hand, Amazon gave with the other. The iOS apps now support subscription content as well as automated delivery.  This is new, and I’m surprised that the Android app got it first.

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fjtorres July 25, 2011 um 12:04 pm

I was hoping the fun and games would last a few days, at least. 🙂
Still, there’s still Nook.
B&N is now on the clock…

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