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Andy Rooney hates ebooks – including his (video)

Just a few minutes ago the show 60 minutes wrapped up their broadcast with Andy Rooney’s weekly essay. This week his topic was ereaders. I found the clip on the CBS website and it’s embedded at the end of the post.

As you might expect, he hates ebooks and ereaders. He doesn’t really add anything new to the discussion. I could make some witty remark about him, but I think I’ll let his words stand on their own. In particular, I don’t want you to miss this one:

"I’m not interested in having my book on an electronic device."

He has 7 ebooks you can find it in the Kindle Store (and elsewhere).

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Trudy March 6, 2011 um 9:13 pm

Haha. Great video. I am torn because I love traditional books, but I enjoy eBooks as well. I wrote my first eBook this year. So I am straddling the fence. I see Rooney’s point, but eBooks are great too, especially when you travel and are an avid reader. The changes in the publishing world are interesting. Other art forms (i.e. music, photography, journalism) have/are dealing with the changes as well.

Tyler March 6, 2011 um 11:12 pm

His last line about books becoming extinct and hoping that does not include authors is meant to be poetic but it shows a true lack of understanding new media. E Books can empower a new generation just like Facebook and social media are helping to shape North Africa at this moment. Authors can get all of their words out to a mass of people if they choose to in almost an instant.

This came across much better than I thought it would have from him.

Tyler March 6, 2011 um 11:30 pm

Thanks, now I will check out his free book too!

Kasey March 7, 2011 um 10:04 am

But what about public access to ebooks? What about the challenges libraries are facing accessing ebooks for their patrons? Anyone want to put pressure on publishers to allow libraries to be a part of this reading revolution?

Alexander Inglis March 7, 2011 um 11:07 am

Andy Rooney is a humourist. He is not the editorial board of the New York Times. His words (videos) on 60 Minutes are intended to be light-hearted satire. If anyone takes what he says verbatim, they are almost certainly missing the point.

Nate the great March 7, 2011 um 11:59 am

He is a humorist, yes, but he has consistently used humor to present positions he believes in. And this one doesn’t sound all that humorous.

Tyler March 7, 2011 um 11:38 pm

There really wasn’t anything funny in what he said except he is not getting any money for his public domain book which he fails to tell any of the viewers watching his segment. So it looks like he is being screwed and his book has been pirated to people that are not in the know.

If it were a library book, would he complain about the people who check it out and not pay him?

jorgen March 7, 2011 um 2:32 pm

Books are books whether ebooks or paper books. It is the content that counts.

Mark Plackett March 7, 2011 um 8:25 pm

The story or message is the most important thing. If you can get that with an ebook or on an eReader, great.

I still collect books and expect to over the coming years. But, I really support the idea of getting all the books in the world into formats that can be used by phones, computers and other devices.

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