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Apple Touts New Apple Books Features (in iOS 13?)

Apple sent out an email on Saturday touting new features in the Apple Apple Books app, but it’s not clear that they have updated the app itself (the last update was on the third).

According to Apple, "all-new Apple Books makes discovering new and trending books effortless. And keeping track of what you’re reading and want to read is now easier than ever before."


Tap on books you’re curious about to read descriptions and reviews, or download a free sample. On the fence? Just tap the Want to Read button and boom, wishlisted.

The new Reading Now tab is where you’ll find books you’re currently reading or listening to. And it’s a doorway to your next favorite, thanks to personalized recommendations.

The new Audiobooks tab makes it easy to find the perfect listen for your commute, dinner prep, workout, whatever.

These features will probably be coming to the Apple Books app with iOS 13, which is currently in beta.

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Mike Cane June 24, 2019 um 5:18 am

Some bad news: Unlike other Apple apps, Books won’t be able to be instanced twice. For example, you can have Safari open twice. But Books, just once. Boneheaded. Having two books open side-by-side would help with studying and research.

Susan June 24, 2019 um 5:20 am

When or will they ever make the iBooks more customizable? It is so frustrating to not be able to change line spacing, etc. like you can with other reader apps and ereaders. I had started an iBook library but abandoned it because of how locked the books are.

Nate Hoffelder June 24, 2019 um 7:25 am

Why would you need that?

Everything Apple does is perfect.


Henry Vogel June 24, 2019 um 6:02 am

Except for the Reading Now bit, these new features sound remarkably similar to functionality found on every Amazon book listing. I suppose it might be a bit more streamlined, being wrapped up in the app, but that means I’ll only have access to them if I’m on an iOS device. It’s great that Apple is catching up with where Amazon was five years ago, but I think they’re going overboard on the hype (seriously, “boom, wishlisted”?).

Mike Cane June 24, 2019 um 3:42 pm

I tried to break through Apple’s bubble:

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