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Audible Brings Social Sharing to Audiobooks

8420583537_a37335ccdd_bReaders have long been able to use the major ebook platforms to share snippets of the ebook they’re reading on Facebook, Twitter, or other social networks, but that trick wasn’t so easy with audiobooks – until today.

On Thursday Audible announced a new feature called "Clips". Designed to make listening a little more social, this feature lets you make a 45 seconds snippet of the audiobook you’re listening to and share it with your friends, or the world (or even just to take note of a favorite passage).

Clips is available on the Audible iOS and Windows apps today, and is coming to the Android app in the near future. Users can access it by tapping the new +Clip button in the Audible playback screen. That automatically snags the last 30 seconds of the audiobook, and it brings up a secondary menu where users can select the passage they wish to save.

Listeners can then attach their own notes to the audio snippet, and then either save it as a note or share it anywhere that you can share a link. Here’s are a couple examples from Twitter:

“Listeners love talking about books, authors, and narrators they are passionate about, and ‘Clips’ makes it easier for our customers to start meaningful conversations with their friends and family directly from their audiobook whenever inspiration strikes!” said Don Katz, founder and CEO of Audible. “We are also excited to launch this new, easy-to-use tool that authors and narrators can use to raise awareness of their audiobooks.”

He’s not wrong.

It was harder to promote audiobooks when authors couldn’t easily share a snippet of the best part. Sure, you can link to a text clipping, or direct the listener to the listing page where they’ll find an excerpt, but neither option works as well as giving a potential listener a clipping of the most entertaining part of the audiobook itself.

This is going to prove a great marlketing tool, both in the hands of authors and listeners.

image by Davide Gabino

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Marianne March 28, 2016 um 1:40 pm

Clips is a great initiative if you as me. I’ve also recently discoverd a website with some great info on audiobooks You should definately check this out!

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