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Audible Escape is Being Shut Down on 1 November

Audible sent out an email on Tuesday, informing authors and users that it was shutting down Audible Escape subscription service. (Thanks, Isobel!)

Here’s the email that was sent to authors:

Audible Escape (formerly known as the Audible Romance Package) will end on 1 November per an email from ACX.

Since November 1 2017, Audible Escape has provided avid romance fans with countless hours of entertainment and enjoyment, including your titles. We’ve learned s mych about what customers are looking for in an unlimited listening membership, inspiring new offerings and services that present members a diverse selection of titles across a mix of formats (such as audiobooks, podcasts, and Audible Originals) as well as lengths and genres.

As of 1 November, Audible will no longer offer the Audible Escape subscription. This means titles will be removed from subscribers' libraries on that date.

You will receive royalties for all Audible Escape listening of your titles, and qualifying creators will receive author/producer and title bonuses based on the full Q4 2020 bonus pool.

Launched in 2017 under the name Audible Romance, Audible Escape was the second audiobook Netflix-style subscription service launched by the Amazon subsidiary (the first launched in Japan in 2015).  The Audible Escape service was immensely loved by subscribers for the same reason it was disliked by authors: it give listeners access to an immense library romance audiobooks in exchange for a flat monthly fee.

As a result, the payment rate was abysmal, and if Audible ever addressed that issue, they did not ever mention it in public.

Audible Escape has essentially been replaced by Audible Plus, the $8 a month service that Audible launched last month. That service offers access to a diverse range of content, including podcasts, audiobooks, and Audible Originals, and it is available for free to Amazon Prime members and Audible subscribers on the Gold or Platinum plans.


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