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Audible Releases New Free Audiobook: "Excerpts from The Encyclopedia Britannica"

61yvHUPCS7L._SL_Audiobook fans have often said that they would listen to their favorite narrators read anything, including the phonebook, the menu at McDonalds, or even the encyclopedia, and Audible is using the first of April to put that claim to the test.

This Amazon subsidiary has just released a free 13-minute audiobook consisting of excerpts from The Encyclopedia Britannica. Nineteen of your favorite audiobook narrators recite the entries for 21 words.

From the listing:

Prepare yourself for the ultimate multicast performance. We’ve gathered many of Audible’s most popular narrators to bring to life some of the most extraordinary words ever written. 21 words, in fact, carefully selected and arranged alphabetically as in their original source: the 11th edition of the Encyclopædia Britannica. We created this enlightening journey from AUDIENCE to LITERATURE because you asked for it. You said you could listen to your favorite narrators read the phone book, bookcase assembly instructions, or a restaurant menu. With this production we’ve proven that a truly talented narrator can, in fact, take any work and make it extraordinary. Enjoy!

In case you are wondering, yes, Audible really did release this audiobook. (I checked.) It’s free on

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fjtorres April 1, 2016 um 11:40 am

Yes, it is dangerous to venture online on April 1st.

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