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Barnes & Noble Axes Staff of B&N Teen Blog, and Other Freelancers

When news broke in June that B&N had been acquired by the same hedge fund that owned Waterstones, it seemed likely that the first thing to go would be the failing Nook division. Alas, we guessed wrong; the blogging staff got cut first.

There are a multiple corroborating reports on Twitter that Barnes & Noble has let go the entire staff of its teen blog:

There’s no word yet from B&N on the number of people impacted by the job cuts. (I have queried B&N, and am awaiting a response.)

Searching for the terms "B&N blog" did not turn up any tweets mentioning other blogs at B&N (the SF&F blog, for example), so today’s cuts may have affected just the one blog.

Update: The SF&F blog staff was also let go:

I am still looking for more info about this story, so if you hear something, please let me know.

image by Genista via Flickr


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Barnes & Noble Axes Staff of B&N Teen Blog, and Other Freelancers – Bookstores – – The Passive Voice November 15, 2019 um 4:23 pm

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Allen F November 15, 2019 um 10:07 pm

Only the first of many trimmings for what’s left of B&N.

(as to TPV requiring log in, it saves him having to pass/reject each non-log-in, and helps reduce the riffraff (like me! 😉 )

JeeJay November 17, 2019 um 2:00 pm

Apparently, B&N’s SciFi and Fantasy bloggers have also been let go.

see item 5 from this blog specializing in the SFF fan world:

Nate Hoffelder November 17, 2019 um 2:07 pm


I looked for tweets about the SF&F blog on Friday, but there wasn’t anything. I guess they didn’t get fired until after I published.

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