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Barnes & Noble Browsery App Now Live

B&N’s two month old book marketing app, Browsery, was officially released on Tuesday.

From the press release:

Browsery is available for Android and iOS users. It blends technology with the Barnes & Noble experience of community, conversation and peer-to-peer recommendations to deliver a new kind of digital browsing that’s a gateway for users to find new books and talk about the ones they love with fellow readers.  Customers can like, comment, or contribute answers to questions posed by the community, like or comment on the answers of others, or ask questions of their own. Seamless connectivity to the mobile web allows purchase or sampling of new discoveries.

“Books have always brought people together over shared interests to make recommendations to one another, and Browsery is rooted in that core experience of the reading life. We’re taking the way people talk about books with their friends and in our stores across the country and giving it a fun mobile presence,” said Fred Argir, Chief Digital Officer at Barnes & Noble. “Through this innovative new app, customers will be able to recommend great books to each other. We’re also encouraging our booksellers to get involved and share their knowledge and passion with a wider audience.”

I tried the app when it was in beta; I did not see a reason to keep it.  I find the book discussions on Reddit and Twitter – places where readers get to control the conversation, not a retailer – are more fulfilling than B&N’s app.

You can find the app in Google Play and iTunes. There does not appear to be an iPad or tablet version.

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Allen F March 27, 2018 um 7:29 pm

Sorry B&N, no data gathering app for you! (Nor do I want/need your trying to tell me what you think I should be reading …)

Carmen Webster Buxton March 27, 2018 um 9:17 pm

So, is this app trying to sell print book or Nook books or both?

Geoffrey Kidd March 27, 2018 um 9:36 pm

I have to ask why anyone needs to care? B&N ruined themselves by creating a truly lousy eBook ecosystem even with the example of Fictionwise to tell them how and what to build. Amazon has eaten their breakfast, lunch, and most of their dinner and they still think they can attract business?

Robert N March 28, 2018 um 8:41 am

And the award for Worst App Name of 2018 goes to….Browsery! Congratulations, B&N!

Michael March 28, 2018 um 12:55 pm

So it’s like Goodreads? Competition is good. Hopefully this won’t have annoying banner ads and a good app

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