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Best Buy Stores Mark Down Refurbished Kindles; WSJ Covers Amazon Lockers

Remember that sale Amazon was running the other day on Kindles for people who had Amazon Rewards Visa Cards? I’ve found one that might just be almost as good, and possibly available to anyone who has a Best Buy store nearby (in the US, at least). Details below the jump.

In other Amazon-related news, the Wall Street Journal is running a story on Amazon’s delivery lockers (which I also mentioned in the Amazon sale story). The WSJ calls them “Amazon’s new secret weapon” and notes that Amazon is now ramping up the service with new locations in the San Francisco Bay area. Amazon is reportedly adding new locations every week, though there are no indications where it will strike next or how many new locations are planned. (Found via Slashdot.)

Now, for that sale. Go to Best Buy dot com’s store locator and type in your zip code. Find your nearest store in the list, and click on it. Then click on “Open Box Items” and the “Computers & Tablets” category. There you will find the items that this particular store has placed on sale as opened-box or refurbished items. There’s no guarantee that any given store will have such items, but it’s possible.

In my store’s listing for Springfield, MO, I found the Kindle Touch 3G with Special Offers for $109.99, marked down from $149.99, and the base-level Kindle with Special Offers for $55.99 from $79.99. There might well be some at your store, too, though no guarantees. The Branson store didn’t have any, though did offer a refurbished Sony WiFi reader but wouldn’t divulge the price. (If you’re in Canada, you could try the same thing at’s locator or Future Shop’s locator.)

With all these sales going on, can there be any doubt Amazon is just about to kick out some new models?

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