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Bluefire Reader Has Been Retired

While there has been no official announcement, the venerable Bluefire Reader is on its way out.

Leading ebook app developer Bluefire has decided to retire its Android and iOS apps. The company will continue to develop apps for third-parties, but it will no longer support a free version.

The Android app was retired in July, and I have been told the iOS app is on the chopping block.

The sad truth is that Bluefire can no longer afford the cost of the ongoing maintenance and support for the free apps, because paying work must come first.

Bluefire CEO Micah Bowers also told me that the company had received several requests to find a way to keep Bluefire Reader in the stores. The team at Bluefire is currently brainstorming on how to raise funds. Micah told me their best idea so far is to start charging $3.99 for the app in iTunes and Google Play.

The Bluefire Android app is actually still available in Google Play. Judging by the 1.7-star rating, it was never that good of an app and will not be missed.

Blufire’s iOS app, on the other hand, was at one time the hot iOS reading app. Everyone was talking about it when it debuted It has since slipped to #89 in Book Apps in the iOS App Store, where it still has a 4.6-star rating.

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Mike Cane August 31, 2019 um 4:56 pm

Aside from maybe PDFs, there is no real reason for everyday people to need anything more than the Apple Books app.

Micah Bowers September 3, 2019 um 7:56 pm

For those that will miss BFR on Android, you could download this (unsupported) APK.

Micah August 23, 2020 um 7:53 pm

FYI, We changed our mind. Bluefire Reader 4.0 for iOS is coming soon with EPUB3 support. Read aloud with Voice Over on PDF and EPUB. Sync books, locations, and annotations across devices. Mac Version also coming soon.

Colin Williams September 19, 2020 um 3:46 pm

excellent look forward to both iPad and Mac versions Micah

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