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BookBaby Launches Bookshop

The indie BookBaby-logo[1]ebook distributor BookBaby launched a new tool this week that could help self-published authors connect potential readers with ebookstores where an author’s book can be found.

Bookshop is designed to help authors connect directly with readers in ways they’ve never been able to before. This new service enables authors to create easy-to-use landing pages which contain links to an author’s website as well as links each ebookstore where an author’s work can be found, making it easier for authors to promote each of their books directly to potential readers.

Each landing page will feature an elegant design and all a book’s vital info, starting with an over-sized version of the book cover as well as relevant metadata, the book description, and details about the author and related books.

And most importantly, each page will include links to sites where readers can buy a copy. “Having a page on BookBaby is free for everyone, even if they don’t want to use us for distribution,” says director of marketing Kevin Breuner. “Their pages have links to the places where people can buy their work. And with BookShop, authors can market their work directly from their pages to readers, setting their own prices, as well as going through all the other outlets. We’ve learned a great deal running CD Baby, and we’re applying it to this. We’re working for the authors.”

To find out more, check out the BookBaby website.

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Dio Aceman October 28, 2018 um 12:25 pm

Good morning Bookbaby. Do you print books in the Spanish language, send them to Author Central-Amazon and other book distributors? May I print my books with other printers?

Thanks for your attention

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