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Brits Are More Likely Than Americans to Own eReaders

The media law firm Wiggin released the results of their annual tech survey this week and it revealed stats both surprising and not.

The 2012 Digital Entertainment Survey is based on a poll of  some 2,500 15 to 64-year-olds in the UK. While I don’t have the full report in front of me, a number of details have been posted in news articles and together they describe a pretty picture.

A full third of respondents own an ereader, and that is up some 21% from last year’s survey. The survey also found that 43% of respondents still read paper books and that a solid 38% (of the 66% that don’t own ereaders) don’t plan to get one.

Perhaps the most important detail was that 31% (of the 33% who own ereaders) had admitted to downloading pirated ebooks. The reason I’m focusing on that is because I want to point out the difference between this statistic and the figures I reported on yesterday.

Here we have an admission that some people have committed piracy at least once, while yesterday the El Pais journalist claimed that half of all ebooks downloaded in Spain were pirated. Do you see how one can actually be measured while the other cannot? That’s part of what bothered me about that story yesterday.

But getting back to the Wiggins report, I want you to take another look at the 33%. Did you know that it’s higher than the rate of ereader adoption here in the US? According to Pew, only about 19% of Americans own ereaders.

The UK has surged ahead in adopting digital reading, even though they got off to a later start. Interesting, no?


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How’s iPxxx adoption in the UK?
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