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Draft2Digital Adds Oyster to Its Distribution Network

4484972286_6b157a0b0d_bThe ebook distributor Draft2Digital already covers most of the major ebookstores, and today it expanded its service further into the subscription ebook market.

Draft2Digital announced on Wednesday that it had signed a deal to distribute its catalog of 50,000 self-published titles Oyster. Self-published authors will soon have the option to opt into Oyster’s subscription service, Oyster Unlimited, which has more than a million titles in its library.

Until D2D made this deal, indie authors would have had to rely on Smashwords to get their books into Oyster (and Scribd).

D2D offers a distribution service which can get an author’s ebook into iBooks, Nook, Kobo, Tolino, Inktera, and Scribd. Like its much larger competitor Smashwords, D2D has no upfront costs and is commission based. According to the site, D2D collects about 10% of an author’s revenues.

While Draft2Digital is one of the smaller distributors, I’ve never had any complaints cross my desk. So far as I am aware D2D has maintained a low profile in the crowded ebook distributor field, along with eBookPartnership, BookBaby, XinXii, EpubDirect, Smashwords, Ingram, Createspace (POD), and Lightning Source (POD).

With all that competition, it’s probably a good thing that this type of service can be highly automated. That keeps overhead low by enabling companies to keep their staff small.

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Coral Russell June 25, 2015 um 11:32 am

That’s great news. I LOVE Draft2Digital and just started using their service this year. For self-pub/Indie authors it is the clear choice to go with. They announced plans to expand their distribution with other companies and Oyster was on their list. So happy to see this news!! Grats D2D!

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