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Draft2Digital Now Distributes to Kobo Plus

Shortly after Kobo launched Kobo Plus in February, Draft2Digital announced that it would soon be adding the ebook subscription service as a distribution channel.

That day has arrived:

Draft2Digital is proud to be a content partner with Kobo Plus—a subscription service from Rakuten Kobo that connects readers in the Netherlands and Belgium with a growing selection of eBooks.

Draft2Digital authors can now opt in to Kobo Plus directly from the D2D dashboard. We’ve made distribution through Kobo Plus as easy as clicking a check box.

Up until yesterday, the only way for an author to get their book into Kobo Plus was Kobo’s distribution service, Kob Writing Life.

Kobo Plus is currently in beta, and is only available to readers in the low countries. The service charges readers a flat monthly fee and pays authors out of a limited funding pool.

Unlike Kindle Unlimited, Kobo Plus does not require exclusivity.

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Irish Imbas May 9, 2017 um 9:00 pm

Overall the Kobo Plus seems a good step but there are issues with both the six month inclusion period and the exclusivity requirements of other ebookstores (mainly Amazon). Because of the shorter three month exclusivity period, most indie authors have the ability to play around with putting books in KDP Select, testing it until they find a pattern that works best for them. The Kobo Plus six-month lock is currently hampering that ability for some authors who signed up for it. That said, it’ll be probably minor issue once they figure out how to optomise it. The D2D distribution MAY however complicate things further and turn some people off.

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