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E-ink Unveils a 19 Foot E-ink Screen

7.4_3[1]E-ink has gotten into digital signage in a big way. They’ve just installed a new sign at the UN headquarters in NYC that measures more than 5.8 meters diagonally.

The eWall, as it has been named, has been installed the North Delegates Lounge. It was donated by the government of The Netherlands and will be used to provide UN delegates with scheduling, news, and other relevant information.

As you can see in the photo below, the sign consists of 231 individual screen panels arranged in a grid 33 panels wide by 7 panels tall. If you zoom in you’ll see that it’s pretty easy to identify the edges of each panel:

19 foot e-ink sign

E-ink, MPico, and Pervasive Displays have partnered to build the sign, which consists of 231 screen panels. The 7.4″ screens use E-ink’s Pearl screen tech and were mounted on backplanes by Pervasive Display. Each one measure 7.4″ across (it’s one of their stock sizes). Each panel has a screen resolution of 800×480, giving the 19 foot plus screen a combined resolution of 26,400 x 3,360 pixels.

The overall integration into a single sign, including the physical construction, electronics, and control software, is the work of Mpico.  This sign is designed to be updated remotely, and according to the press release it can be updated over the internet and display either info, blank screens, or images.

E-ink is saying that this is the single largest epaper sign ever created, and when it comes to resolution they are probably correct. But if you consider simply the size then they might be wrong.

Toppan Printing Co, which I have mentioned before, has been producing for the past decade a modular sign product similar to the eWall shown above. I don’t know the size of the largest screen they produced, but it’s entirely possible that Toppan made a sign that was larger than 19′ in size.


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Puzzled September 29, 2013 um 6:10 pm

If this isn’t going to be a target of political hacking, I don’t know what is.

e-Ink needs to work on thinner bevels…

Name September 29, 2013 um 7:08 pm

Since we need larger reading devices, let’s hope some manufacturer brings one of their 10.2 inch displays to use. Though their 160 dpi aren’t that great, this should be a first step.

Paul September 30, 2013 um 11:10 am

At least Colin Powell won’t have to drape a curtain over it, like he had to in 2003 over the Iraq war (because the Picasso artwork behind him was a picture of civilians being bombed and killed during the Spanish civil war).

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